Vice District Brewing Company

Vice District joins Baderbrau and Motor Row Brewing in the South Loop, a rapidly developing craft brewery destination. It’s situated fairly close to McCormick Place (and the Museum Campus) if you happen to be there for an event, and need a place to relax afterwards.

As far as transportation, there’s street parking occasionally available in front of the taproom (if you’re not planning to get hammered), but Vice District is just five blocks from the CTA Roosevelt Red Line (if you are planning to get hammered).

As you step inside, you’ll feel a very inviting neighborhood vibe. Patrons are often found playing with provided board games, with their furry dog friends relaxing nearby. Yes, this bar is dog-friendly, and not just on a patio!

If you think you can get work done amidst all the drinking, there’s even free wifi available to patrons. The interior’s design is best described as industrial-chic, and large windows give patrons the perfect vantage point for viewing Vice District’s behind the scenes brewing process.

Curtis Tarver II and Quintin Cole are the proprietors behind Vice District. Their friendship started after purchasing houses across from each other, and discovering a mutual passion for homebrewing. In their early days, they would brew up big batches of beer, then invite friends and neighbors over to get rid of it.

Vice District is basically the evolution of their fun communal gatherings, with a mission of providing community and conversation in the South Loop (with beer being the delicious catalyst for making this happen). Though both Curtis and Quintin have jobs/obligations outside of Vice District, you’ll frequently find one or both in the taproom.

The modern day Vice District taproom pays homage to the history of it’s location, with photos of the original Vice District adorning their walls. But owners Curtis and Quintin also want patrons to understand the difference and more family-friendly nature of Vice District, today. After all, babies are allowed within the taproom! Fun fact: the physical location of Vice District is actually a former Buick showroom.

You’ll have a hard time putting Vice District’s beers into a specific category, because Curtis and Quintin themselves refuse to. With no particular style to generalize with, Vice District serves a wide selection of rotating and seasonal styles. There’s really something for everyone on the menu, and you don’t have to be a beer snob (or even a beer lover) to find something that quenches your thirst. For best results, try a flight. And if you want to prepare yourself for what you’ll find at the taproom, Vice District maintains an often updated beer menu on their website.

There’s no food at Vice District (besides a few bar snack options), but you’re free to bring in your own, or order from a nearby spot. Furthermore, Vice District often finds itself in the middle of a herd of food trucks, if that’s more your style than traditional options in the neighborhood.

Vice District is closed Mondays for private events. You can reserve the space for an event for between 40 and 99 people. Though the taproom isn’t offering tours yet, they do have a cool run club that’s worth checking out. Just don’t expect to be losing too many calories if you come in afterwards to claim your discounted beers!

Before you leave, make sure to fill up a growler. They’ll even fill up one from another brewery for a small fee. And if you live in Homewood, you’ll be excited to know that Vice District is planning to expand to the neighborhood. For more information, check out the Vice District website.