Chicago Bar Project

The Chicago Bar Project is a fellowship of drinkers with a writing problem.

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Observations While Drinking

Chicago has some of the best bars in the world and, within these pages, you can read reviews of selected Chicago bars and other nightspots, written by the locals that frequent them.

Pre-Gaming in the City

Chicago is one of the best bar towns in the world, and nothing beats a pre-game visit to a bar or pub crawl to experience all the different neighborhoods and types of watering holes the Windy City has to offer.

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The Latest Reviews

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Chicago’s Best Beer Gardens

All Chicago bars or restaurants with some combination of beer garden, sidewalk cafe, rooftop deck outdoor terrace, or patio that serve liquor.

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Historic Bars of Chicago

by Sean Parnell, creator of Chicago Bar Project

Historic Bars of Chicago contains reviews of the top 100 most historic bars, taverns, nightclubs, lounges, dives, and bierstubes in Chicago today

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