Historic Bars of Chicago

by Sean Parnell, creator of Chicago Bar Project

What Makes a Chicago Bar Historic?

Historic Bars of Chicago Author Sean ParnellJust being old is not enough. These Chicago bars have stood the test of time. Within the covers of this book, you’ll learn the stories behind Chicago’s best nightspots: how they came to be, their intertwining histories, uniqueness, celebrity clientele, and their place within the culture of the great city of Chicago. We even threw in the most historic suburban bars, taverns we miss the most, and 24 do-it-yourself historic pub crawls.

Historic Bars of Chicago Answers these Questions

  • What is the oldest tavern in Chicago?
  • What Chicago bar received the first liquor license following Prohibition?
  • What were the favorites places of Al Capone and Frank Sinatra?
  • What was Chicago’s first tavern and where was it located?
  • What is the oldest blues bar, jazz club, sports bar and wine bar?
  • In what tavern did Hunter S. Thompson smash a urinal?
  • What is the author’s favorite bar?

The Specs

Cover Price: $15.95
Specifications: 4″ x 9″, 250+ pages, soft cover
Extras: pub crawls, appendices, index, photos, maps
ISBN: 978-1-893121-82-9

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Historic Bars of Chicago by Sean Parnell

Historic Bars of Chicago contains reviews of the Top 100 most historic bars, taverns, nightclubs, lounges, dives, and bierstubes in Chicago today, published by
Lake Claremont Press



Historic Bars of Chicago