2827 W. Howard St. (7600N. 2300W) Chicago, IL 60645
(773) 262-8570)


“Your neighborhood bar”

Siblings Chicago

On the south side of Howard Street, one block west of California and between a barber shop and the Lubavitch Chabad Regional Headquarters of Chicago lies a town bar named Siblings, or, as I will now refer to it—the “mind your own beeswax bar” (MYOBB). Yes, unfortunately, this female writer felt a bit awkward (read: openly unwelcomed) as she sat down at a bar full of 40 & 50-year-old blue collar men who dropped the f-bomb like it was free, who told her to “put her camera away” and that, “Reporters and undercovers are not welcome here.” Ok… Miss Wells, you have chosen to review this place and so you are going to get through it. Hmmm… What next?

The bartender Denise slowly warmed up to me after she had a few puffs of nicotine but I still never got the name of the owner even though I asked in seven different ways. Why? Is it not understood that bar reviews bring in more business to bars and, by giving information freely to the writer, potential customers can find more things to relate to after reading said bar review? No worries. Besides, this bartendress is doing the best she can to deal with the recent slow spell, including putting up decorations for St. Patty’s Day and in the past has implemented different occasions for offering food, such as football games and the like.

Siblings Chicago ShotsShe also told me that MYOBB offers free WiFi (not bad for a neighborhood bar of its kind), free darts (expected in this type of joint, but always welcome), four TVs, a digital jukebox, various video games towards the back, and even a DJ on Fridays. The bar itself is just your average bar on the inside—with a dusty tiled floor, a wooden bar, and a broken pool table. The outside façade, however, is quaint and inviting, with beige bricks and a maroon awning. MYOBB is one of the last businesses on Howard going westbound before you hit a long stretch of residences.

Siblings Chicago Carry-OutThe best aspect of MYOBB would probably have to be the carry-out section (!). I didn’t even know that such a service existed, though the editor of this fine website reminds me that this was common not too long ago, so don’t call me a prude—I’m just green! Not only can one buy hard liquor, but also beer. Now why has every bar not integrated this service into their lineup?

MYOBB does have another thing above the surrounding dive bars: it offers higher-end spirits for consumption in the bar than one would imagine—various cognacs, Dewar’s Scotch, and vodkas like Grey Goose. Aside from the basic bottled beer selection, drink specials, and carry out, MYOBB offers a very “patriotic” draft selection. On draft, you will only find the staples in every beer-drinkin’ American’s diet: Coors Light, MGD, Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Budweiser, and Bud Light with $2 domestic drafts every day!


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Siblings Chicago LadsAfter pulling teeth to acquire the necessary information for this review, this barfly was about to walk out when three 20-something strangers came in to save the day. On their way from another bar to visit Denise, they were in a happy mood and, much to my surprise, not unlike me. Miss Kreidler is an English major and editor, her friend Richard Trickel is a furniture salesman, and her boyfriend Dick Button likes to play with dolls. They made my night. Mr. Trickel bought me a drink and informed me that MYOBB used to be a place called the Captain’s Deck before re-opening in 2003. I was also told by the guys the guys that MYOBB is similar to nearby Mullen’s Sports Bar & Grill and Everybody’s Place to Drink (EPD’s), where Denise once worked. The rambunctious threesome then invited me out for more fun times afterwards (maybe a foursome?) but I unfortunately had to work the next morning. Thanks to them, I feel that Siblings has the right to be called by its proper name. For more information, you’ll have to call Siblings as they don’t have a website.

Siblings Chicago Exterior