Pour House

Though Club Planet lists the bar on its website as if it was still in business, even though it has been closed for about a decade, the bulding once housing Pour House is still standing along with the original wood paneled and shingled façade of the bar even though its sign has long since been removed. We never visited the Pour House ourselves but a good friend of ours describes the place as a true dive where peanuts were shelled onto the floor and the oft-joke telling owner, Al Dyal, would quickly fly into a rage if a beer was to be set on the tiny pool table. Holding true to its name, the Pour House only served five beers on tap from Budweiser to Berghoff (no bottles), and patrons contributed to the bar’s eclectic décor.


“The bartenders are friendly as they pour your pitchers for you, light your cigarettes and tell you, “It ain’t time to leave if you still got money.”

Barfly’s Guide to Chicago’s Drinking Establishments (2000)


The shell that once was Pour House