Pete & Mary’s

5908 W. 63rd St. (5900W, 6300S) Chicago, IL 60638
(773) 284-8518)

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“As usual in remote neighborhood bars the Polish-accented barmaid scrutinizes my drivers license, but this time she rejects it as expired, then apologizes when I prove her wrong. Sipping on a Highlife, I check out the tiny beer garden, a photo of the Pope John Paul II next to pictures of patrons with pumpkins, and a poster of a woman sitting at a bar with a sign reading “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” She’s wearing a shirt and shoes but she’s not wearing any pants or underwear and the man at the next barstool is staring bug-eyed at her behind.”

– excerpt from Strolling 63rd Street by John Greenfield (September 22, 2008)