1113 W. Randolph St. (150N, 1100W) Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 929-4787)

Quick Shot

Though we are not White Sox fans, we can appreciate the creation of Sox general manager Kenny Williams with Market. It’s name and logo were taken from the original Market when Randolph was a bustling bazaar. Today, Market is a swanky sports lounge and restaurant bedecked from floor to ceiling in blond wood. Five flatscreens hang above the bar, each showing a different sporting network: ESPN, ESPN News, Golf Channel, NBA Network (Who knew?) and UFC. While normally as far away from traditional sports bars as their strappy sandals will take them, a legion of hot women flock to Market for the specialty cocktails (Dirty CEO, Berry Sexy, Darryl Strawberry), elegant menu items prepared by Chef Joe Rosetti presented playfully (popcorn shrimp in a ceramic popcorn carton and buffalo wings with dipping sauce suspended above in basketball-like fashion), the outdoor trinity of rooftop, enclosed beer garden and sidewalk cafeā€”and and to score with the male clientele consisting of rich young professionals, sugar daddies and occasional professional athlete. The rooftop deck is the place to be with its stunning view of the Loop and is accessible via the incredibly slow elevator located beyond the main bar, past another bouncer and through a metal door; just press “R.” For more information, check out the Market website.