“First Bunny”

“It was 1974 and my sister was graduating from high school. My parents were members of the Playboy Club on Light Street Baltimore, Maryland. So off we went to a place I had never heard of. When we arrived at the Playboy Club. My Dad used a card to let us in. Once inside, I remember how dark it was and there were these women dressed like bunnies running around all over the place. I was shy, but I was also becoming more in tune with my insides. If you know what I mean! We ordered our food and drinks and I wasn’t really paying attention until I looked up and there she was. A bunny by the name of “Jill.” Blonde hair, blue eyes and a figure that all my friends would be jealous just to hear about. I was totally captivated by her beauty. She was so polite and very classy. I was also taken in by her little bunny tail which I was told not to touch! I could not take my eyes off of her. She noticed my youthful looks and began to talk with me. I was actually embarrassed, but I tried to hold my own while my family talked. I got up my nerve to ask if I could have a picture taken with her and she said yes. I have had this picture of “Jill” the Bunny and myself for over thirty years. I show it off every now and then, but try to keep her to myself. To top off the picture, I asked if I could see the “Penthouse.” At this “Jill” took me to an elevator and up we went, just the two of us. I must confess, I was so excited. After all, she was my first celebrity date. When I went up, I was 14 years old. When I came down I felt as if I were the man. To this day, nothing like this has ever happened to me. I remember that “Jill ” was a polite young women who truly embraced what class is all about. Years later, I would realize that an era ended when the Playboy Clubs started to close down. I think about that picture a lot and wonder what ever happened to my first Bunny!. It’s so sad that the clubs closed. I never really had a chance to become a member, but in some small way, I felt that I had something more impressive. The picture of “Jill” the Playboy Bunny and I. I hope that one day Playboy will reopen new clubs that are retro. No sex, just lovely classy beautiful women. Women who enjoy making others happy by their beauty and small conversations. I hope this story will encourage others to remember that there was a time when Playboy Clubs were the place to go to socialize and make new friends. I will always treasure the friend I made that night at the Playboy Club in Baltimore!!!”



P.S. “Bunny’s Rule!!!”