Domino Lounge

Now the Underground Wonder Bar, the Domino Lounge entertained a packed house with “the vanishing art of blue humor” (read: dirty jokes) by stand-up comedian Frank Penning.

“When I first moved to Chicago in the late ’60s, Frank Penning and the Domino Lounge was the place to go when visitors came. The place was always jammed late at night. People would be scrunched up in this tiny bar and crowded around the piano where Frank held court. His raunchy one-liners were non-stop, and the laughter from this place was ear-splitting. His by-play with the waitresses who, of course, were part of the act, was terrific. It was a great place to spend an hour or two late at night.”

P.B. (September 2, 2009) (1993)