The Connection Between the Detroit Tigers and the “Curse of the Billy Goat”


“Detroit has an unusual connection to the Cubs,..with the two repeats in 07′ and 08’…then again in 35′. In between these meetings.. the Cubs go to the show in 10′ and 29′ against the Philadelphia Athletics;…the Yankees in 32′ and 38’…and the Red Sox in 1918,..In 45 they were due,.their team was definitely stronger defensively and more talented than Detroit’s pitching.,.,..Hank Greenberg winds up being a big factor for Detroit,.and with Virgil trucks the pitcher and winner of 16 games in 43″,. who played in only one regularly scheduled game in 45′,.the last,.. where Greenberg smashed a three run homer in the ninth against the St. Louis Browns,..clinching the pennant on the last day of the season,..mighty Casey comes through,..Detroit looked like Magicians,.. The Cubs trounced them in the first game of the series,.9-0,..Then the Detroit team came back in the second game 4-1,….the third game the Cubs won 8-1 Coming back into town with a 2-1 lead in the series . Billy the, took the Goat to the field,.. for luck and to add to the party atmosphere of the town,..He was refused entry,.. .It was at this time,..he said “They not gonna win”,…..and they lost game 4,. and it tied the series. Game 5 had Greenberg again hitting three key doubles,..beating the Cubs 8-4 handily,..It looked bad,… Then the 6th game went 7-7 into the bottom of the twelfth,..and a 8-7 Cubs bailout,..the last game was a 9-3 rout. The first three games were at Briggs Stadium in Detroit,..the last four were IN Chicago , at Wrigley With the record of Detroit’s this year,.. it seems that Elliot’s Wave , out of sequence,.. Wrigley is still trying to gain access in Billy Goats place in heaven ,..when he’s out on furlough from purgatory”

– Pete Callas (September 27, 2003)
Pete is a longtime Chicagoan and artist now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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