Burke’s Web Pub

2026 W. Webster Ave. (2200N, 2050W) Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 276-3411)

“The most reasonable prices in Bucktown”

Burke’s Web Pub is a neighborhood bar in the rapidly condo-fying section of Bucktown, next to the scenic Kennedy Expressway. Burke’s rivals nearby Rich’s First One Today as a friendly neighborhood joint with cheap beer and darts.

Located at the corner of Webster (thus the name) and Seeley, you can find Burke’s by locating the glowing green “Burke’s” sign. Step up the iron stoop, through the white-painted wooden door, past the ATM, and you’re in Burke’s one room bar. There is linoleum on the floor, as well as such creature curiosities as a stuffed kangaroo, husky, neon crocodile Foster’s sign, and a plastic spider web on the wall next to a smattering of sports memorabilia. The room itself is dominated by a square wooden bar that would probably take up a fraction of the space if it were placed along the side. Bathrooms are located on either side of the bar, labeled “Al-mal” (?) for the men’s’ and “Dolores” for womens’.

“Don’t be fooled by the name. This old-man bar where regulars bring food to the bar predates www madness by decades.”

The Official Chicago Bar Guide (2001)

The rest of the room is taken up mostly by two regulation dartboards and throwing space. There is also seating at the front window, around the bar, and outside on one of two picnic tables in the summertime. Seating on the battered picnic tables outside offers a nice view of the expressway, patrons peeing in the alley, and all the new condos going up.

The crowd consists primarily of younger newcomers to the area as well as some of the older hangers-on. Overall, it’s a pretty good mix and a friendly atmosphere. The bar itself used to be known only as “The Web,” but I believe it was probably purchased and renamed by one of the newer residents. Hopefully, the bar will continue to retain its neighborhood vibe and spider web motif, and not become a polished Lincoln Park sports bar or a darkened, kitschy Bucktown nightclub. The could start by changing the name to, “Burke’s Web,” or back to, “The Web,” as, “Burke’s Web Pub,” sounds a bit lame. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

“The last bar on Webster”