Bar Millennium

151 N. Michigan Ave. (150N, 150E) Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 846-6875

“Making the world a more tolerable place, one drink at a time”

Bar Millennium Chicago

Quick Shot

Deep in the bowels of the earth, otherwise known as Millennium Station (formerly Randolph Street Station), is an unlikely spot for a Certified Purveyor of the Miller High Life but Bar Millennium stands out nonetheless. The bar is named after Chicago’s Millennium Park (opened in 2004, right on time for the millennium…), whose purpose is not only to entertain Chicago residents and visitors but also to cover up a legion of unsightly Metra tracks. Bar Millennium’s purpose is to help commuters and other travelers take the edge off before their train ride, aptly doing this with eight beers on tap (pint-size or “forget about work and/or your children” size of 24-ounces), over 150 spirits, cheap daily drink specials, electronic darts, a wall-mounted jukebox, and bar munchies served by Chi-Town Pizza next door—”they deliver” a sign says (under the same ownership). A wall of old beer cans evokes a time when such collecting was a hobby enjoyed by many, including my brother but not including my parents who still have all these cans in their attic. For added enjoyment, the surprisingly clean restrooms are that of the stations, located down the hall and featuring a cavalcade of interesting characters… To get to Bar Millennium, you will need to descend the stairs at the southwest corner of Michigan and Randolph that stands in front of the Chicago Cultural Center.

Bar Millennium Bar

Bar Millennium Exterior