Topo Gigio Ristorante

1516 N. Wells St. (1500N, 200W)
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 266-9355


Chicago Bar Project “Bite”

My first visit to Topo Gigio occurred because my wife and I were denied an outdoor seat at nearby Orso’s even though their beer garden was empty. Their loss was my gain: an excellent al fresco meal at a classic Chicago bistro named after an Argentine television show and its main character, Topo Gigio, a ridiculously cheesy mouse that children of course love. Beyond a lively outdoor bar is a very pleasant outdoor patio, in addition to the sidewalk café along Wells. This was a superb spot to enjoy a crab cake and saltimbocca alla parmigiana (veal saltimbocca and prosciutto di parma with pomodoro sauce, baked with mozzarella and served with cottage fries). Sadly, the crab cake was breaded in a way that made it look more like a ball or Colombian buñuelo, but the saltimbocca alla parmigiana was phenomenally good and of a perfect size (I was able to leave without having to roll myself out). The pasta dishes or Pastasciutta are also lauded far and wide. Splitters beware: Topo Gigio doesn’t give a f*&! about the economy and will charge you an eye-popping $8 to split an entrée. For shame! For more information, check out the Topo Gigio website. Chin-chin!

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