La Creperie

2845 N. Clark St. (2800N, 600W)
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 528-9050

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La Creperie Beer GardenI hesitated reviewing La Creperie as it is one of those hidden gems that you don’t want others knowing about. However, the love I have for my fellow man is stronger… In addition to Le Bouchon and Cafe Bernard, La Creperie is one of my favorite French restaurants in the city. Lured here initially by the prospect of its beautiful beer garden—complete with a fountain, string lights and white plastic tables with red & white checkered tablecloths—it was the crepes that had me the most surprised. Yes, I know “creperie” means a restaurant that specializes in making crepes, in this case authentic “Breton” crepes (originating in the Western region of France called “Bretagne”) on iron griddles called “billigs,” but I didn’t know that there are more than just crepes served at breakfast. I have dabbled in other entrees, but my clear favorite is the Boeuf Bourguignon, which is beef braised with burgundy, mushrooms, carrots, leeks & tomatoes. Other popular favorites include the Poulet au Curry (chicken breast in a curry cream sauce with mango chutney), the Coq au Vin (chicken stewed with red wine, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms & carrots) and the Fruits de Mer (scallops & shrimp in a white wine cream sauce). And these are just the savory crepes, made with buckwheat. For dessert, and many times for a girls night out, the sweet crepes made from wheat are tremendous. There are some plainer varieties available, but you’ll want to try at least one of the following: Creme de Marrons (chestnut cream sauce),
Suzette a la Germain (an orange Grand Marnier reduction), and
Banana Sara (bananas in a brown sugar caramel sauce). Savory crepes run $9-14, sweet crepes $7-10.50 and an excellent selection of wines is available, most for around $35-45 a bottle. Now you know why La Creperie has been going strong since 1972.

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