Taylor Leddin made her debut on the Chicago drinking scene in the summer of 2015, while working as an office temp in the Loop. Unhappy with this career direction, Taylor switched gears and fully put her focus on writing, as she had been a freelance writer for quite some time. Now, her passion for writing has merged with her interest in bar hopping around the city in the form of crafting reviews for the Chicago Bar Project. 

When not writing, Taylor can be found watching reruns of Friends, That ’70s Show, and Seinfeld; all while giving out unsolicited trivia about the shows to whoever else is in the room. In addition, Taylor has also crafted the World’s Lamest Bucket List (this includes wearing a Members Only jacket and standing in two places at once). A life-long south suburban resident and graduate of Illinois State University, Taylor enjoys the entertainment and inspiration that the city of Chicago offers. Learn more about Taylor at www.taylorleddin.com

Reviews by Taylor Leddin