Who is Rhiannon Wells?

Randy Kohl of the Chicago Bar Project New to writing? Not this authoress! But new to being published, yes! Upon graduating high school a few years ago, Miss Wells took up an acting career in Los Angeles and Chicago. Eventually, though, the Moline, IL native got tired of reading other people’s ridiculously ridiculous scripts at auditions and decided to take matters into her own hands. Rhiannon has written and produced three sketch comedy shows in Illinois theatres and sold some of her most recent skits to the Messy Works production company. Writing bar reviews is fun and the first time that any of Rhiannon’s material has been published. “I feel very proud of my work writing bar reviews,” Miss Wells said. “Getting paid to drink and take pictures while being surrounded by hot Balkan band members is never anything a single young lady should complain about!”

Reviews by Rhiannon Wells