Meat Market Mayhem

Meat Market Mayhem Bachelor Party Pub Crawl Chicago

Chicago is the biggest little city, with serendipitous connections being made on a regular basis. Of course, the groom is already spoken for, but that doesn’t mean that the whole bachelor party can’t have fun rubbing elbows with some of the city’s hottest singles (and bribing ladies to make the groom feel like he’s still got it.)

The following represents locations all over the city of Chicago, so you’ll need to be strategic in the ones you pick for your bachelor party.


1983 N. Clybourn

Known as the purveyor of a mean weekend brunch, Zella is similarly known as a place to get wild in Lincoln Park. On any given night, you’ll either find a raging dance floor, or perhaps some ladies to ogle on the mechanical bull. As far as drinks, don’t expect anything fancy, but you’ll definitely have access to all the basics for getting the job done.

The Slippery Slope

2357 N Milwaukee Ave

How could you not expect great things from a bar called, “The Slippery Slope”? $2 Hamms lube up the bar patron’s for conversations and maybe more. Caveat emptor: an always-packed dance floor and sensual red lighting might make someone look like a hottie even if the distinction wouldn’t necessarily be true during the day!

Bub City

435 N Clark St

Located in Chicago’s River North, Bub City is at the center of Chicago’s biggest meet market. This bar is an especially good choice for those that appreciate BBQ and summery cocktails. It’s here that you’ll find the perfect country girl to dance with, or to help strike out one of your bachelor party bucket list items.

Hangge Uppe

14 W Elm St

Just north of the Viagra Triangle, it shouldn’t be hard to understand the meet market nature of this Chicago bar. Some claim it’s haunted, but many more claim that it’s the perfect spot for a wild night out. It’s probably best to save Hangge Uppe for the end of the night if you expect to remember any of the rest of it.


2149 S Halsted

Located in Pilsen, this bar may have to serve as the last of the night due to its outlier location. It’s known for its intimate feel, with lots of room to get to know fellow bar patrons. Start with pinball, move to the photo booth, then grab a booth and get chattin’ (or mackin’). As an added bonus, all draft beers are under $6, so you won’t break the bank buying drinks from the cutie who’s got your eye. Just make sure to hit up the ATM beforehand – it’s cash only.

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If you have better ideas for a meet market bachelor party, or want help planning an itinerary, email us. We can also help with booking private party rooms if you plan to stay in one location!